Why you must use slide masters

When you start developing a presentation or a course, it is tempting to plough straight in with the content. Once you’ve kinda got the look and feel you want on a slide, you can cheat by just copying the slide over and over and changing the new slide. Big mistake.

Whenever I’ve been tempted down this path, I’ve regretted it. It only takes one font change, colour change or formatting shift and you are faced with the task of making an amendment on every single slide.

Much better to invest a bit of time getting your slide masters right in the first place so they are exactly what you want.  That way, you need to make a minor change later then it is one change rather than a zillion fiddly changes later on.

My advice is to make sure you understand the role or Masters and their Layouts and how inheritance works – but also what happens if you break inheritance by amending individual slides.

This is a must-read article on masters for Articulate Storyline if you are not familiar with them:



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